Single Focus Web builds spectacular websites for nonprofit and change-making clients; one website at a time.

A Few Examples of our Work:

Single Focus Web, Website design in Tucson, AZ

Welcome to a new kind of web design.

By taking only a few websites at a time, we can grind to a halt the factory line and focus on what your site needs and what’s best for your organization.  This is what we do and it is all we do.


What’s Included

Discovery and Strategy Session

This phase is a fact finding mission. With your help we will pour over your current site, tastes, competitors and the various audiences you have and determine the best course of action for building you the strongest web presence possible. Using best practices as a guide we will craft a battle plan and timeline customized just for you.

Site Menu Creation and Information Architecture

Based on our strategy for best marketing your content we will craft a new sitemap and structure for your new site. We will ensure content is both readily find-able and audience specific and we will help you clean house based on our objective evaluations and best practices.

Wireframes and Functionality Review

Here is where it starts to get exciting! We will create a set of wireframes to map out functionality and prime user experience on your new site. Wires allow us to ensure we have all needed items entrenched in the design before we start building. If you want to make sure people come back to your site, make sure your user experience is the best it can be. Wires are the fast track to great user experience.

Template Deployment and Design

Using WordPress, we will customize a beautiful theme just for you. We will take the previously made wireframes and information architecture and build you a modern site. Your new site will adhere strictly to best standards while building audience loyalty and winning over new clients with clean design and ease of use. Prepare to be bowled over.

Responsive Coding and Mobile Optimization

Ever visited a site on your phone and found it hard to read or navigate to what you wanted? Using analytics from your previous site we can discover the percentage of your audience using mobile devices to view your site. We build to the highest standards of content-specific mobile coding and test extensively on all modern devices.

Content Migration

Content can be from your old site or newly created and can contain unlimited text, images, videos, forms, nifty slideshows… whatever will make your site spectacular, we will put in! We will migrate up to 75 pages/items of content and you will be fully trained on adding additional items.

Site Testing and QA

We are going to check out your site on all modern browsers and devices looking for any bugs or things that look funky. We will also unveil the site to you at this point allowing you to test for yourselves and tweak anything that isn’t perfect yet. During this phase we will have two rounds of revisions, ensuring we get a site you love before we go live.

Customized Training and Manual

One of the best parts of working with us is training with us! We will train any or all of your staff to be able to make changes and optimize your new site as you move forward. This 2 hour training will ensure you can make not only text changes but much more complex additions such as interactive forms and parallax images! We build in a special tool that will allow you to do these things easily knowing zero code. Prepare to impress friends and family with ease!

Ready to get started? Need advice on how to get ready?