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We focus on a single project at a time. Yours.

Single Focus Web is committed to building nonprofits and change-makers the websites they need to further their mission, increase impact and bring in donations. 

When we say single focus, we mean it. We take only a handful of projects at a time to ensure maximum attention is paid to your organization.

Our mission is to put more eyes on the meaningful work you do in Tucson, Southern Arizona and across the Southwest. We can make a website that will work hard for you while you do the work that matters.

Do you know any of our clients? Ask them about us! You don’t need to take our word for it, read some of our testimonials.

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Web designers with 20+ years
of nonprofit experience


Cecily Urizar-Faught, Founder and Creative Director at Single Focus Web

Cecily Urizar-Faught


Cecily has been building, designing and maintaining websites for over two decades, always with a focus on the digital needs of nonprofits.

Prior to forming Single Focus Web, she worked for an award-winning web shop called Cornershop Creative which serves many larger nonprofits around the globe. At Cornershop, Cecily specialized in pairing innovative web design with usability focused on the special needs of these mission-driven organizations. Single Focus Web was created to provide that same depth of service and customization to the smaller more localized nonprofits in and around Tucson and the Southwest.

Cecily’s specific interest in online fundraising began a decade prior while working as the Senior Web Developer for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. The tools she built created an online revenue stream of $1.4 million annually with a boisterous and growing digital supporter base. 

Cecily believes in a holistic and process-driven method of online content creation that is the driving force behind every project Single Focus Web undertakes.