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In the ten plus years I’ve been in the industry I’ve had the privilege of working for both a busy web shop and as the in house web guru for a busy nonprofit. I enjoyed both immensely but found myself wishing there was a way to handle clients that fell somewhere in between. A way for a nonprofit or small business who can’t afford a web developer in house to still benefit from the kind of hands-on, focused attention and strategy that someone in house can bring to your web project.

Single Focus Web was borne from the idea that this is possible. When web shops take on enough projects that each staff person is working on a dozen at a time, the projects can become unfocused and clients can begin to feel frustrated and forgotten about. By taking only two websites at a time, I can grind to a halt the factory line and focus on what your site needs and what’s best for your organization.  I believe this approach will solve many of the pain points that organizations feel when the time comes to design a new website.

By getting rid of the staffing structure and overhead of a traditional web shop I am able to take one website at a time and charge your organization only for that slice of my yearly salary. Additionally we get to not spend our time writing complicated budgets instead of making sites.

Bonus: I’m able to charge much less then web shops with hourly pricing structures.

My skill set and history is in both web development and project management which means I will have no problem taking you from the first baby steps all the way through a happy launch and in-depth training for your staff on the new site!

So, what does this all mean for you?  It means I can make you a better site, cheaper and faster. Additionally I think we will both enjoy the process more.

Cecily Urizar-Faught, Co-founder

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